Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID,the ' Central Transmison Utility (CTU)' of the country and a 'Navratna' Company operating under Ministry of Power, is engaged in power transmission business with the responsibility for planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of inter-State transmission system and operation of National & Regional Power Grids. POWERGRID is a listed Company, with 69.42% holding of Government of India and balance by Institutional Investors & public.

POWERGRID has been implementing various transmission projects for generation capacity addition under central sector, Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPP) and other projects, assigned to it from time to time. As on September 30, 2013, the Company owns & operates transmission network of about 1,02,109 ckm of transmission lines and 172 nos. of EHVAC & HVDC substations with transformation capacity of about 1,72,370 MVA. The Company continues to wheel about 50% of total power generated in the Country through its transmission network at an availability of over 99% consistently.

Company exhibited an impressive financial performance during FY 2012-13, earning a net profit of Rs. 4,235 Crore with Turnover of Rs. 13,329 Crore and Gross Asset Base of Rs. 80,600 Crore.

Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO), a 100% subsidiary of the Company, has been successfully managing the National and Regional Grids through deployment of latest technology. Compnay's strong transmission network and modernised RLDCs have facilitated about 73.5 billion units (BUs) of inter-regional energy transfer across the Country during FY 2012-13 throgh execution of Short Term Open Access (STOA).

Integration of Renewable Energy Resources with conventional sources is a top priority worldwide and special attention is being given inour country to harness the Green Energy. CERC has provided a framwork for trading in Green Certificates (Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs) and National Load Despatch Centre (NDLC) of POSOCO has been designated as the Central agency for this purpose.

At present, National Grid with inter-regional power transfer capacity of about 31,850 MW has been established which is planned to be enhanced to about 66,000 MW by end of XII Plan. Presently, four major regional power system grids, namely Northern, Eastern, North-Eastern & Western are operating at same frequency in synchronus mode. Southern Region Grid is operated in asynchronous mode with the National Grid through a number of HVDC & HVDC links and is likely to be connected synchronously (i.e operating at the same frequency) to the rest of the National Grid by 1st quater of 2014.

11 nos. of High Capacity Power Transmission Corridors (HCPTCs) have been finalised to meet bulk power evacuation requirement of various Independent Power Producers (IPPs) mainly comming up in resoucre rich States like Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh at an estimated cost of about Rs. 75,000 Crore (POWERGRID's scope: about Rs. 66,000 Crore).Implementation of these corridors is taken up in a phased manner matching with generation projects.

An insvestment of about Rs. 1,00,000 Crore has been envisaged by the Company for further development of inter-State transmission systems during XII Plan which includes development of High Capacity Power Transmission Corridors (HCPTCs) apart from inter-regional links for enhancement of National Grid capacity & various system strengthening schemes.

Conserving Right-of-Way (RoW), minimizing impact on natural resources, coordinated development of cost effective transmission corridor, flexibility in upgradation of transfer capacity of lines matching with power transfer requirement are major areas of concern in development of transmission network in the country. In this direction, the Company is now working on higher transmission voltages of -+800kV HVDC & 1200kV 1200kV UHVAC. About 2,000km long -+800kV, 6000 MW HVDC Bi-pole connecting Biswanath Chariali in Assam to Agra in Uttar Pradesh is under implementation, and shall be amongst the longest such line in the world. Similarly, highest voltage level in the world, 1200 kV UHVAC Single Circuit (S/c) and Double Circuit (D/c) test lines were successfully test charged along with one 1200 kV Bay at 1200kV UHVAC National Test Station at Bina, Madhya Pradesh and field tests are currently undergoing.

To shore uo its revenue and create value for its stakeholders, POWERGRID diversified into telecom business and is managing a pan-India Broad Band Telecom Network of about 30,000 kms providing back-bone connectivity to all metros, major cities & towns including remote areas of J&K & North-eastern States etc. The Company is one of the three agencies selected by Govt. of India for providing connectvity for the prestigious 'National Knowledge Network' project which aims to connect all knowlwdge centres across the country such as IITs, IISc, etc. on high speed connetivity. Further, in implementtation of 'National Optic Fiber Network'(NOFN) for providing connectivity to Gram Panchayats (GPs) in the country, POWERGRID has received and allotment letter for covering aboput 36,000 GPs in four States namely Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Praddesh, Jharkhand and Odisha.

Further, POWERGRID is playing a significant role in carrying forward the distribution reforms through undertaking RGGVY & APDRP works on behalf of Govt. of India in various parts of the country.

POWERGRID has emerged as a strong player in South Asia and is playing an active role in formation of a strong SAARC grid for effective utilization of resources for mutual benefits. Presently, various electrical interconnections exist between India & Bhutan, India & Nepal and India & Bangladesh. Further, the interconnection between India & Bhutan and India & Nepal are being strengthened for substantial exchange of power across the borders. Also, feasibility study for an under-sea interconnection between India and Sri Lanka is under finalization and 500MW Amritsar (India) - Lahore (Pakistan) HVDC link between India and Pakistan is under discussion. In addition, POWERGRID is offering consultancy services to various National clients & International clients in 14 countries.

POWERGRID has taken leadership initiative for development of Smart Grid technology in the country integrating all segments in power supply chain. In Distribution system, POWERGRID jointly with Govt. of Puducherry is developing a Consumer-utility interactive Pilot Smart Grid/ City project in Puducherry through open collaboration with more than 70 nos. organizations & academic institutions. The project is under implementation and interim Smart Grid Control Centre at Puducherry has already been established with provision of Advanced metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution and other functionalities like Outage Management System, Demand Response, Microgrid etc. are being taken up in a progressive manner.

In Smart transmission, POWERGRID has also implemented Synchrophasor Technology in its Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS) Pilot Project through installation of PMUs (Phasor Measurement Units) at different locations in all 5 Regions across the country, which facilitates better visualization and situational awareness of the grid events such as grid robustness, oscillations, angle/ voltage instability, system margin etc. as well as decision support tools. POWERGRID also acts as 'nodal point' in prestigious "India Smart Grid Task Force" Secretariat for Government's activities related to Smart Grid.

On the advice of Forum of Regulators (FOR)/ Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) and Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), POWERGRID has evolved transmission infrastructure requirement for integration of large scale envisaged renewable capacity in 12th Plan into the Grid at an estimated cost of about Rs. 43,000 Crore. Towards this, a report titled "Green Energy Corridors" has been released on September 14, 2012.