Power for All by 2012

The Ministry of Power has set a goal - Mission 2012: Power for All.

  • A comprehensive Blueprint for Power Sector development has been prepared encompassing an integrated strategy for the sector development with following objectives:-

    - Sufficient power to achieve GDP growth rate of 8%
    - Reliable of power
    - Quality power
    - Optimum power cost
    - Commercial viability of power industry
    - Power for all

    Strategies to achieve the objectives:

    Power Generation Strategy with focus on low cost generation, optimization of capacity utilization, controlling the input cost, optimisation of fuel mix, Technology upgradation and utilization of Non Conventional energy sources

    Transmission Strategy with focus on development of National Grid including Interstate connections, Technology upgradation & optimization of transmission cost.

    Distribution strategy to achieve Distribution Reforms with focus on System upgradation, loss reduction, theft control, consumer service orientation, quality power supply commercialization, Decentralized distributed generation and supply for rural areas.

    Regulation Strategy aimed at protecting Consumer interests and making the sector commercially viable.
    Financing Strategy to generate resources for required growth of the power sector.

    Conservation Strategy to optimise the utilization of electricity with focus on Demand Side management, Load management and Technology upgradation to provide energy efficient equipment / gadgets.

    Communication Strategy for political consensus with media support to enhance the genera; public awareness.