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Time-of-Day Metering (TOD)

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Time-of-day metering is a rate option that is offered by many utilities. When elected by the customer, a meter that records demand, time, and energy usage is installed in place of the existing electrical meter. The metering option benefits utility companies by decreasing the required capacity. The metering option benefits customers by providing reduced demand and usage rates during off-peak times, which gives customers a chance to reduce their utility bill.


At a given time a utility company has a certain capacity of energy available to its customers. A utility must be prepared to meet the demands placed on the grid by the consumers. During on-peak hours, demands are typically highest because of manufacturing loads, office loads, air conditioning loads and etc. The on-peak hours usually vary from around 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. During this on-peak period, utility companies must have enough capacity on-hand to meet the loads placed on them by their customers. Having this on-hand capacity creates additional expenses for the utility. To lessen the required
capacity, the utility often offers incentives to customers that are willing to shift or move a portion of their demand to off-peak hours.